Feed The Piggy
How to Save

How to Save


The following technical tools are needed for a successful grocery shop:

  • a smart phone
  • an iPad or tablet capable of scanning products and receipts
  • a printer in order to print out needed coupons from the site
  • store reward cards
  • the Sunday newspaper for weekly coupons and sales flyers
  • a PayPal account to receive payment

Free Apps recommended for rebates:

  • SavingsStar
  • Checkout 51
  • Ibotta
  • MobiSave
  • BerryCart (organic rebates)

It is recommended that you start slowly if you are new to the game. Shopping several stores and using multiple sites can be overwhelming until you get the hang of it. The goal of this venture is to enjoy shopping and reap the rewards of a healthy savings account. 

Have fun with “Feed The Piggy.”